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Should You Use Your Planters Outside? Why Outdoor Planters Are Vital
Perhaps the most traditional and many robust are stone planters. If money is no object it`s still possible to buy antique rock planters complete with lots of character that belies their years. Even new flagstone outside planters can be expensive, but rock composite interior plants are substantially cheaper alternatives and just as weather proof. Delightfully aged through a chemical process and made from a composite of stone and concrete, these outside planters will sit in your garden like they have been there for years.
Terracotta is most likely typically the most popular material for outdoor planters. This versatile medium means you`ll be able to get pots in all shapes and designs from long toms that are conventional to modern bowl shapes. However, do be realistic when selecting terracotta over other materials. Although many terracotta planters you purchase will assert they are freeze proof, many aren`t. A terracotta pot that is good will be frost resistant and is better emptied and put away for the winter or went to your sheltered spot if extreme frosts are forecast. Another great tip for terracotta Garden planters is to lift them off the ground on feet that will provide a bit of protection from the weather. Plants grown in outside planters made from stone and terracotta will need to be consistently watered as moisture evaporation will occur in dry or hot weather.
With modern designs comes modern materials. Fibre glass, galvanised and fibre flagstone are all materials that are hard wearing and copy modern replicas of more traditional materials. Fibre glass is exceptionally lightweight, mostly freeze proof and non -corrosive and can replicate conventional substances such as bronze, lead and terracotta. Galvanised steel or zinc planters are a relatively affordable option but will give you a more classic look, repeating old designs such as pails and dolly tubs. % LINK3% may corrode over time but can be shielded with rust prevention paint or just left to age naturally. They may be also a light weight option. Fibre flagstone is a comparatively new stuff used to make outdoor planters. It`s all the advantages connected with fibre glass but provides a more solid feel because of the inclusion of rock powder during building. Whatever design and stuff you pick, spring is the time to cheer up your patio or doorway with outdoor planters filled up with spring bulbs and bedding Artificial Plants.
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